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If you have wandered long enough on the web, you must have known that there is an ocean of depth finders on the market and you would be so confused as to which one suits your requirement. Why would you have to spend so much of your valuable time in trying to find out the pros and cons of different depth finders?

You would rather go fishing than to get caught up in this ocean of information. We are here to give you a comprehensive review of the best depth finders so that you can better enjoy your pursuits while at sea.

Lowrance Hook 3X:

Lowrance Hook 3x is the cheapest depth finder which is available under 100 $ price range. It has superior LED display, precise and high quality sonar, and good clarity in identifying fish. It can be tuned to from 80 to upto 200 Hz frequency.

It has a broadband sounder which helps in identifying the fish. Its display works well in all conditions including bright sunlight. The depth finder can be tuned for the different water conditions, which makes it a great buy.

Hummingbird Piranha Max 4:

The power output of Piranha Max 4 is 300 watts and hence it is quick in identifying the fishing targets. It has a built in temperature sensor and can beam the sonar signal at two beams i.e. 28 inch beam at 200 KHz and 16 inch beam at 455 KHz.
It can reach a depth of up to 600 m and has a colourful display with brilliant backlit LED which enables you to view clearly in broad daylight too.

Garmin striker 4 DV:

One major advantage of this Garmin striker 4 DV is that it has an inbuilt GPS with a recorder, so you can mark your favourite fishing spots with coordinates that you can visi later. The depth finder comes in various sizes ranging from 3.5 inch to 7 inch depending on your budget.

It has a Chirp Vu scanning sonar which can give you greater cone angle and better target separation. The screen is highly customizable and you can have split screen view and better sonar view. With all these features, Garmin striker 4 DV surely provides great value for money.

Reel Sonar iBobber:

ibobber is the cheapest of them all. It has a single beam and it operates on a single frequency of 118 kHz. It is very simple to operate and the readings can be understood with little effort. It provides a depth of 135 feet.

It has very little features but considering the price point and the potential customer being a first time user of a depth finder, this product is a great value for money for beginners. The one disadvantage of the Reel Sonar iBobber would be the small screen which means less clarity in viewing images.

Vexilar SP-200:

Vexilar SP-200 is definitely a high quality depth finder. It can syncronise with your smart phone and convert information and the interface into a fully functional sonar system. It consists of inbuilt Wi-Fi system which interfaces directly with your smartphone and can also be used as a Wi-Fi hotspot through which you can share the information you have collected on your expedition.

It has a 12 V power supply and the mobile application can be downloaded from the android or iOS app store. It also comes with an arm band, which you can use to secure your phone while using.