Underwater resorts are becoming increasingly popular over these past few years and it’s easy to see why. We’ve all dreamt about living underwater at some point or another, mainly when we were very young. Given the advances in technology and the architectural capabilities of worldwide progress, we nowadays have underwater hotels that are just as comfortable as standard high-end hotels if not more so.

If you’ve ever considered about spending some time at one of these types of hotels, you should first educate yourself on what you should expect when staying at one, and what better way to do that then by looking at what the ten best underwater hotels in the world have to offer.

WebUrbanist Hotel (Poseidon Mystery Island)

Located forty feet under the ocean, WebUrbanist Hotel is one of the best places to have a luxurious hotel experience underwater. Within this hotel are honeymoon huts, private rooms and other great luxuries. This amazing undersea accommodation is the work of Bruce Jones, a respected figure in the design of submarine structures. Not only does WebUrbanist offer a unique experience, but also very favorable prices to its guests.

Jules’ Undersea Lodge (Florida)

If you familiar with Jules Verne’s authorship of the futuristic underwater adventure, “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea”, then Jules’ Undersea Lodge, named in his honor, will be right up your alley. This underwater dwelling might only be 20 feet under the water, but it has enough amusements to leave a lasting impression on even the most discriminating of its guests. In fact, despite being around for nearly 50 years old, Jules’ Undersea Lodge is actually a favored destination for celebrities and tourists due to its mystical undersea intrigue. Furthermore, this underwater hotel is a lot more affordable than most of the hotels on our list.

The Manta Resort (Pemba Island, Zanzibar)

Tucked on a tropical African coast, The Manta Resort offers an experience of a lifetime 13 feet below the ocean. Although the rooms are not as spacious as you might expect of such a luxurious establishment, they offer a very memorable underwater experience. For $1,000 a person, you can see great undersea creatures and still enjoy a pampering experience in your own private room.

Utter Inn (Sweden)

Thanks to beautiful and comfortable rooms, an ample swimming pool, a great dining area and even honeymoon suites, Utter Inn is an underwater hotel with a lot to offer. The hotel was set up back in 2000 by Mikael Genberg, and it will give you an incredible opportunity to see underwater creatures and have an amazing time underwater. Needless to say, this particular hotel is very popular, meaning that you are unlikely to find any spare rooms unless you’re visiting it off-season.

The Poseidon Underwater Resort (Fiji)

The Poseidon Underwater Resort represents the highest echelons of underwater luxury. This resort is very beautiful, but it comes at a price – you can pay upwards of $15,000 to spend your time in this exclusive hotel. So, if you want to go all out in your search for underwater luxury, the Poseidon Underwater Resort is one of the places you can visit. Be advised, however, that this Fiji underwater hotel charges some pretty excessive rates for its high-end commodities.

Apeiron Island Hotel (Dubai)

This seven-star Dubai Hotel has nearly 400 rooms under water, as well as 200 luxurious family apartments. This hotel is one of the very few that have invested a lot on its internal and external appearance. The fully furnished hotel also features a theme-park design that ensures every minute spent there is truly exciting.

Crescent Hyrdopolis (Dubai)

This hotel has 230 luxurious suites that have become favorites among famous celebrities and royalty. The whole place is decorated using glass cabinets. In addition to the rooms, the place also features a dining area, an indoor gaming area, and a meeting hall. Of course, you will also get to see a broad variety of exciting undersea creatures for a truly enjoyable undersea experience.

Water Discus Hotel (Dubai)

With a design like no other, it is no surprise that Water Discus is one of the top underwater hotels in the world. Although the hotel offers just 21 luxurious rooms, it also offers a lavish lobby, a big hall, a swimming pool, and a design style that makes it both thrilling and pampering for lovers of high-end luxury. Interestingly enough, despite being quite an
expensive establishment, the popularity of this Dubai underwater hotel has skyrocketed over these past few years.

Huvafen Fushi (Maldives)

You won’t have to get on the inside of the Huvafen Fushi to witness the aesthetic beauty of this underwater hotel: its inviting appearance is visible even on its external sections. The hotel also features a unique and charming design that will make you feel relaxed throughout your visit. In addition to great rooms, the hotel comes with a high-class spa and an indoor gym. Huvafen Fushi is also quite popular, and that’s partly because this hospitality establishment goes the extra mile to keep its guests happy.

The Shimao Wonderland (China)

True to its name, the Shimao Wonderland is a truly wonderful underwater hotel. Although located in a quarry, this hotel has plenty of things to make it exciting enough to win accolades as a leading underwater luxury. In addition to great luxurious rooms, a gaming area, a swimming pool, an indoor gym, and a big hall; the hotel’s sheer beauty makes it a choice destination for seekers of luxurious underwater fun.